Art is the Next Peace:

            Connecting Communities!


“ART is the NEXT PEACE: Connecting Communities” a project, works collaboratively with

K -12 schools, non profits, universities and communities to make meaningful art in a safe and affirming environment. This project successfully uses art to promote non-violent resolutions to problems, such as gangs, bullying, and domestic violence – with a goal of connecting communities and building positive healthy attitudes.  The project includes site and internet exhibitions with many forms of art: mural painting, photography, silk painting, poetry, music, video, 3 D, and new media from students, community and professional artists.


Promoting Connections

Between Communities for Nonviolence

Our nonprofit partners are First Night Monterey Artworks!, the Pro Democracy Education Fund, and the Women’s Caucus for Art.  We were fortunate to partner for workshops and exhibitions this past year with First Night Monterey Artworks! the Arts Council for Monterey County, schools and towns in Santa Rosa, San Marcos and El Cajon. (see spotlights for more information)

Special thanks to Funders of the AINP Project! 

• Robert and Aubrey S. Talbott Foundation

• Arts Council for Monterey County

• The Harden Foundation and Target

• San Diego ArtWalk and ArtReach

  1. Blick Art Materials

  2. National Geographic

  3. The Corner Store Arts Center, Washington DC

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Video with art and voices from students

discussing what Peace means in their lives.

made by Kira Carrillo Corser